Dividends And Chille coins paid to a paper wallet

Hi, excuse the potentially very noob question. I have recently invested a bit in the safex coin and am now trying to research it a lot more before further investment. I am quite happy to stay in for the long haul. I have read alot on here about dividend payments and potential for receiving Chille coin.

I am wondering if dividends and potential Chille coin can be received if I hold my coins in a paper wallet or would I be required to use the Safex wallet?
More info on how the process would work is appreciated
Thanks for the help in advance.

Similar question. Am holder since pre-wallet. Do I need to send to wallet and generate new private key or can I keep in cold storage for future dividend pay outs and use that private key and register like that? (Assuming private key is required for dividend reception)

I believe you need to send to safex wallet to receive dividends (correct me if Iā€™m wrong).

But once you have it in the wallet, you could do cold storage there by printing out the wallet private key.

Then you can just send any additional safex purchase to that public wallet address.

So if I import the private key from my paper wallet to the safex wallet, that should work?

Ok, logic tells that if I can import my private key into the wallet, I can also continue using my current private key for registering to receive dividends. Thanks!

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