Does not log into the WM v1.5 wallet, invalid password

when I try to create a wallet again, I save Safex Wallet Files, enter a password, create, then restart the wallet, click Open an existing Safex wallet by selecting the .keys file, open the file, enter the password, gives an error - Looks Like You Made a Mistake. Please Try Again. What is the problem? I have already created a wallet three times

You sure you are using v1.5?

That was an issue with the v1, which was, by all accounts, fixed in v1.5.

To be certain, I just went and attempted to open the wallet files I created last week for the Restore from Keys video tutorial that’s coming out soon…

It opened without issue, so I expect you’re just using the old TWM wallet.

Firstly, did you do the restore in v1.5, or is the .keys file a restore you did previously, in v1?

Is the v1.5 you have installed the prerelease, or the actual release (was put out 2 days after the pre-release) [there’s no way to tell from that screen, tmk]

Have you got it set to run in admin mode?

Non peram ante, ego downloaded a site Downloads - / for windows, velit et fecit nova peram.

Ego restituere peram usura claves, nisi lima, mutare password ad novum unum, sileo, et pera, et ego non potest stipes in, signum error.

currit ut administrator constitutus est. quam operor ego video, quae versio in peram?

if i understand the translation correctly, you created a wallet, then used the keys to restore the wallet and used a new password.

are you sure you arent trying to open the original wallet file (the first wallet you made) with the new password you used with the restore?

If you are having trouble, I would uninstall TWM Wallet, download again, and install.

Hello, happy new year and Merry Christmas!
Yes, I use the keys to restore the wallet, since I can’t log in to it any other way, I do recovery every time to log in. After recovery, the password does not fit, it is the same every time.
I sign the source file of the wallet and there can be no error when opening it.
I deleted the wallet and downloaded it again, reinstalling does not help, after closing I cannot log in to the wallet (

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I’m not sure what other help I can offer, other than to say… check your permissions, etc.

Nobody else has reported this issue with the v1.5 release, tmk.