Does wallet support Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold?


I’m an early adopter with Safex coins still on a paper wallet.

Silly question but can I import a bitcoin key into my wallet and have the bitcoin appear? What about BCC and BCG? I’d like to keep everything in my Safex wallet but if this is not possible can someone please recommend a BTC wallet that supports all the flavours? Do you think there will ever be an update to support Cash and Gold or will that simply dilute Safex from its real purpose?

Big up to the dev team as when Chille launches this will be simply awesome…

Many thanks…


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We did not implement Bitcoin cash or Gold, and have no plans to do so at this time.

You can use the same private key on a bitcoin cash or bitcoin gold wallet anyway, and it won’t affect your safex holdings.

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I just got word that the bitcoin hard fork (segwit2x) has been cancelled/ postponed due to lack of consensus from community.

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Hi Dogberry,

Just noticed this myself. Its all over youtube. I may have to buy more safex now… Cheers

Thanks Dan,

I’m really excited to get the wallet and running. It is exceptionally well designed IMHO.

This is dragging me away from actual CFD trading so cheers for the distraction.



If enough people send their bitcoin cash or gold to the wallet the value of the coin might see new highs. So you could say that the wallet is supporting those coins by unintentionally burning the supply.

PS. Please do not send your bitcoin cash or gold to the Safex wallet. lol.