Don't see my Transaction in my wallet

Is there a way or place to check the transactions history? I can’t find my transactions and also can’t find my coins in my wallet. Can you help?

Use search…


I recently downloaded a safex wallet to send my safex balance from Bittrex due to it being delisted on the exchange. I sent the money over from Bittrex 2 days ago but it has still not arrived in my wallet? can someone help me please?


@danmauro click the ARCHIVE button followed by the HOME button.

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I did and nothing is there.

Did you check your email to confirm the transaction?

Here is an active link to Discord which has a Support Channel.

Also, if you want to get a persons attention on this forum, simply precede their name with the @ symbol. For instance, you can request the Chief Architect Dan Dabek’s attention by replying to him as @dandabek.

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Thank you. I have contacted Dan and hope to get back from him soon.

@Andy Be sure to register with Discord while the link is still active.

New members are restricted to the # Newbies channel for 12 hours.
After that the other channels should become available to you.

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Can you send me the link ? Thank you.

Hi Rich, Could you share the Discord link with Andy. Seems every time I’ve sent one the link has already expired and I’m not sure why.
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Sorry for delay! Only just seen the message.

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