Error in step four

Hoping for a little help.

I’m running into an error in Step 4 of migration. I’m getting “error getting UTXOs Error: Transaction has no inputs” followed by “error broadcasting transaction Error: Transaction has no inputs”.

I still have btc on my original safex account, it used less than half my available balance to get through step 3. I just tried sending some btc to my new address (made with offline generator to start mining earlier), and got the illegal btc address error. It is, of course, listing my btc balance on the new Safex migration address as zero.

What am I missing here?



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It sounds like you try to send from the bitcoin chain to the safex Cain. You cant send btc to the offline address since your offline adress for mining is on the safex blockchain while the safex coin is on the botcoin blockchain waiting to migrate…

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You can only perform a burn or send btc /safex coin to another btc adress… Only perform burn when you are 100% sure what you are doing…


Got it sorted, it was insufficient btc on the old address, transferred a bit more and it went through fine.



Hey everyone :grinning:
I have v007 50580sat on my wallet when Step Final demands 30125sat but at the moment SEND I get a “Not enough btc to complete this transaction, you need 30125sat” error
What should I do - please help me.

This error is typically a response from the BTC blockchain. It normally means the balance of BTC you’ve got is made up from smaller BTC transactions - it’s what they call BTC dust.

The remedy is to deposit a larger chunk of BTC into the Safex address. Any BTC you have left can be withdrawn and used elsewhere after.