Exchange for selling SFX

Hi everyone,

Might I ask if there are any exchanges that we can sell SAFEX coin?

I am holding my coins in my orbiter wallet, not the new one. Can I transfer my coins directly from my current wallet to the exchange?


Thanks for your quick reply. I am pretty sure that I clicked on send Safex token but the Screen keeps saying not enough available Safex Cash. Do you have any ideas about this? I transferred a few coins from coinpsot to orbiter wallet but the balance does not reflect the right amount.

You need to have some Safex Cash in your wallet to transfer Safex Token.

Anything you send to your address after the 23 Dec hardfork will NEVER show in Orbiter, as it can’t sync past the hardfork.

If it can’t see it, it can’t use it.

Cli or the prerelease TWM wallets are your only choices

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When I migrated all Safex coin from coinpsot to orbiter, I didn’t receive any safex cash from them. Do you how much safex cash would be enough to transfer 48500 of Safex token out of Orbiter? According to what you said, I would assume that I should purchase Safex cash from another exchange and send it to the orbiter to get my Safex token out. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Coinspot not sending you the SFX corresponding to the airdropped amount associated with your SFT is a little cheeky, imo.

I’d have thought they’d send you both, but maybe take some SFX to cover the tx fees.

Regardless, you can buy some from an exchange, or just do some mining for a few days or a week to get some SFX.

But you can’t see any post hf txs in orbiter, not use them in orbiter.

The SFX needed for the txs fee would be maybe 1 or 2, depending on outputs and mixin selected.

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One of the great benefits of Safex is that it is very low cost. If you received all your tokens in one transaction, it will probably take less than 1 SFX to transfer your SFT. SFX is so cheap now you can buy $1 worth, send the coins to your wallet and have plenty left over after transferring your SFT.

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