Exchnage to Wallet Transfer

I have made 4 transactions from exchange to my wallet, but there is one transaction missing, not showing on explorer either, where that could go then?? all to same wallet address, but second one did not get transfered and either not confirmed in blockchain.
Can you help me with this one please, sent email already to address rpovided by Dan , but no respond yet…

You should check with Bittrex or cryptopia which ever you used to withdraw. A bit delayed in replying these days, will be back in HQ in a few days sorry about that.

Thanks Dan, well all other transfers even today has gone true i have cashed all coins and bought mosre safex and that arrived to account.
My issue is i think with me requesting certain amount to my public address but instead i had transfer whole balance which was more than requested on to my address.
There is no rush Dan, i understand you are busy, have a safe journey from Dubai Dan.

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