Features for Chili E-Commerce Platform

Greetings SAFEX holders,

I’ve invested a little bit into SAFEX because I believe in it’s core concept, and the dividends that it pays. I want the marketplace to be successful, and as a web developer, it could be a fun project to build out a e-commerce platform that include features the people want.

So I’m doing a quick survey on what features you think would be cool to be added into the marketplace. It could be features that Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba already has, or any ideas that you think would be cool.



Well, a feature i would like to see is, that you can have an API hook to your safex/Chille account on the blockchain and thus have a GUI to access it with future template-shops over the regular internet (for legal goods) or even TOR (for other things).

That way you can mimic portals like Shopify in a secure enviroment (and unseizable) without a 3rd party involved, while having stored everything secure on the blockchain, along with a payment system.

“Legal” shops could even offer payment providers if needed -> Paypal to Safex to Network and pay their taxes and other shops will probably not, but this is their cup of tea then.

The good thing about this approach is, that safex only acts as a “host” and the content illegal or not is up to the pop-up shop owner.

The wallet marketplace would then act like google to find the goods, identify the shop and get an idea where to shop with GUI or shop right in the wallet - probably for Pro-Users - and the average Joe might not even notice that he has just shopped his Kamagra or Shoes in a next-gen safex-shop.


So you’re saying that the Wallet marketplace will be able to pull products from different third party Chili market places.

Yeah that would be cool for the official market to be just a directory/index of all the different markets. This way we can have a central location to search products, while at the same time, making SAFEX less liable because those products aren’t actually hosted by SAFEX/Chili themselves.