Final step burning Safex

Perhaps this advice is somewhere on this forum but I can’t find it. According to the details I have enough btc to allow the safex burn, however it says I dont have enough btc to complete this transaction after I attempt the burn.
I have 71676 sats and I only need 63167 sats, how do I not have enough?
Please advise

The BTC chain will sometimes send this response back if your BTC balance is made up from “dust” (lots of smaller BTC transactions).

The only answer is to send a larger chunk of BTC to the address to make sure you have more than enough BTC to cover the transaction.

Any BTC remaining can be withdrawn and used elsewhere after.

I am having the same issue. I sent .0007 to make a total of .001 BTC and It says I need .00063 to complete tx. How much more BTC should I send?

I have added another .01 BTC and it still says I do not have enough BTC for a transaction. If I close the wallet before finishing the final step and reopen it will that mess things up?

You can safely close the wallet and reopen.


I just completed the process of migrating my Safex to my wallet for SFT & SFX.

I followed the tutorial below exactly as instructed.

I made it to the process of burning my old Safex to SFT & SFX.

My wallet is not showing my new SFT & SFX.

Screenshot below:

How can i fix this?

You help would be greatly appreciated.

Have 3-4 hours patience…

My suggestion: close the wallet, go watch a movie or something, then come back and open wallet. If you set both halves correctly, it will appear.

Ok I will do, I was a bit confused because in the video tutorial shows the SFT & SFX in the wallet immediately after the process is completed, so I am thinking there must have been something wrong with what I did.

3 or 4 hours it is then.

Thank you for your reply.

My understanding (as an outsider) is… As more and more people migrate, the database gets larger.

Thus, early on (like when the video was taken), the db was small and the wallets updated quickly, but as time has passed, it has progressively taken a longer amount of time for the Migration Table to populate.