I’m an investor since the very beginning of the project. I saw good times and bad times. What I see now is that most of the crypto space has outpaced us.

The ultimate question is what is the future of this project. Usually at this stage what wise owners do is rebranding in order to leave bad emotions in the past and show some new stuff.

Do you remember Antshares? They rebranded into NEO years ago and then skyrocketed. Obviously lots of development and good newses came along that too.

Anyway what is the plan? I know some development of Safex is present… blockchain, marketplace, but there is no people in there, no traffic, no excitement. At current situation it will only go even further down into completely dead coin. Even if Daniel will be still there online it would doesn’t matter. I’m not saying it gonna be scam, but simply 99,99% would lose faith and this way it will be non tradeable coin, which almost is.


Surely, some bigger money can do the job along with proper plan, but is there anything like that around the corner? What do you think guys? What can you tell us, Dan? I really hope it all succeed, but based on what I see it’s not promising. All those trademarks registered, but for what? What’s the reason, when there is almost no interest in the Safex at all. How would you like to bring the value to the people? Ohh so many questions, so little answers. If we can get some news it would be great. Thanks


If you don’t understand the importance of the Trademarks, then you really haven’t been following the project.

The have been several court cases where Safex needed to protect itself from imposter projects. The Trademarks secure the name and logo for this project, making it easier to stop other crypto projects using it.


What is actually happening with Safex? We are entering now 18-24 months of a bull run. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity.


Honestly, I fully disagree with this sentiment. Why? in 2022 I was on track to raise a $5m round that already had funds prepared to go in. This initiative got cancelled because of one of the advisors were deemed unfit. Later it turned out to be true, but that advisor had a lot to offer.

I can’t imagine that a single advisor would cause the entire fundraise attempt to go down, but past is past. That goes to show that even after some years of work that people are interested.

To say that the crypto space “outpaced” us is also not valid. Sure, people make new projects, make new absurd claims of massive yields, random pump and dumps. I do not call that “out pacing” by absolutely any means.

What I do see though is that a vast majority of the safex community were around and got bored, sold and went onward likely to the other tokens they think are “out pacing” and I don’t see solid traction other than hype fan fare pumps and dumps generally.

I saw some project last in 2021 use our name, earn $20m and then abandon, and we sued and are closing with them soon.

Look. for you it can seem “outpace”, and we don’t know each other, but the supporters who are there everyday through all of this are still there. Our software keeps improving, and my plans don’t change. Even Amazon was not a profitable company for more than a decade. What did random people comment? oh what a bad company, and now??? maybe you just don’t understand and all the effort so far I did was not good enough for you to understand.

I am more than ramped up, I am more than prepared. The SFX mining is reaching peak next year. I literally fear nothing, I stack dabeks and I’m going to be so happy as yesterday today and tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!


Forgive my ignorance but I was not aware of any of that happening. Misunderstanding in most cases happens due to miscommunication. Perhaps short regular updates would keep Safex holders in the loop and help promote a project at the same time. Any project requires three things: communicating clear vision that a child can understand, best people and best resources. Luck is another deciding factor. You’ve been just unlucky with the resources so far.


In terms of the bull market, I am not just guessing. This is based on macroeconomics. I wrote this when the market dropped but as you’ve seen in the last few days, this drop was a shake off which made a lot of retail customers to sell. We are in the bull now. Pumps happen in different stages of the bull run. Large caps move first. When shitcoins start pumping it’s a first sign of approaching market peak.


@forex I agree that the Bull is upon us, I didn’t deny that. We are in it. Let’s put together that vision, and let’s get going. I agree, I’m doing my part. Glad you chimed in I appreciate it as much as anyone should!


The Future ?
We are back
We are So Back !


Has been my M.O. for about 2 years now,:pick::pick::pick:


“dabeks” ?
Are you talking about self improvements Dan or is this a crypto I don’t know about ? :grin:


From the Blue Paper…


We made a Blue Paper to guide our process to get to this point. Having ‘dabek’ as our base unit is all about honoring the essence of Safex, much like ‘Satoshi’ does for Bitcoin. It’s not about putting a name out there; it’s about acknowledging the foundation we’ve built together. Maybe you agree, I think it’s cool to stack ‘dabs’ like ‘sats’ :slight_smile: Ethereum doesn’t have such a chill connection to the smallest unit

To that point, we still need to bring forward a whitepaper that encompasses the result we’ve built so far. Our Blue Paper laid the groundwork, and we’ve been on an incredible journey since. It’s about time we capture our progress and vision in the upcoming whitepaper. My dedication to Safex is unwavering. I’m all in, just as I’ve always been, and I’m pumped to navigate this adventure with all of you.

I’ve always envisioned Safex to be an all encompassing platform for the world. It is open source, decentralized, offers what I feel is a fair opportunity to all, without any explicit preference. That’s the greatest foundation to have a future for many people around the world.


I stand educated :student:

Size is relative !

1 Dabeck may be equal to 0.0001 or it could also be 1.000000 !

Like 1.9 Dabeck’s is also 1.900000 .


So far the codebase suggest that the smallest unit is 0.0000000001 which is 10 decimal places. This is essential for the clean divisibility when conducting mathematics evaluations for the future that we’re heading into.

When the bluepaper was written these elements were geared toward user friendliness.

So the computers will go all the way out to the 10th decimal. In the whitepaper we have the opportunity to give more solidly what the terms will be so we can unify on a single direction.

I do see that the future roadmap will enable an ability to be immersed in every fabric of everyday life. Remember this is a technology that we are now realizing that will stay for the longest term. Consider the Bitcoin ETF exists, and now this entire crypto space will normalize.

The reason it is essential for us to utilize the forum, is because the growing AI environment will be reading our content and extracting from our ideas and lending it back to us. This is so important, everything we’ve done, and everything we will do. Don’t doubt the impact that these photons we propel into the internet how valuable they are to us now, and in the future.


Yes I understand the divisibility…

It reminds me of Canada where they got rid of the 1 cent or penny in 2012.

Now they have to round off the numbers when buying or selling…