Getting coins out of wallet HELP!


I managed to get SafeX coins from Bittrext sent to my safex wallet, but there’s no possible way to get them out.
The wallet wants a 0.001 BTC fee - I’ve sent 0.01 BTC to my wallet address (same address for SafeX/BTC? wtf?) and nothing has appeared. When I click to send safex coins there’s no message, pending, progress bar or anything to suggest things are happening, which is just poor.

I exported my wallet .txt file to my macbook to see if it was just buggy PC software, and it’s the same deal with the same issues.

Please oh please show how us to get coins in and out of the wallet. How do we load it with BTC? My safex have already lost about 70% of their value and I just can’t even get them out. People are posting about this already on the forum and it still doesn’t work.

Not happy, this is pretty bad software and at the very least there should be a clear, concise FAQ on using it.


@scarab we’re addressing these very issues we’re well aware and dealing with them asap


Awesome, thanks guys!

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