Given the possible train wreck about to hit the crypto market

I am going to suggest that as Dan believes something around 1000 USD for Bitcoin, aka more than a 90 percent fall, then a plus 90 percent fall across the board is more than likely.
With that said. A REAL market place, a coin which has it’s own block chain, with dividends will immediately seem more attractive, maybe with a possibility of some form of exchange…
The likely crash in crypto will potentially be the true birth of safex.
Of course I am ignoring some of the hyperbole from McAfee as what good are his investments after he has eaten his manhood :slight_smile:
That aside …it’s encouraging to see he recognised the value


Can i ask for a link to that info. Thats now a near 95% drop from todays price of 19500 for btc. I know a big drop is coming (not a 3-5K but big) but we don’t really know when or what the price of btc will be when it occurs.

It hits the Nasdaq soon and everyone I know is talking about shorting it…I could be wrong with it dropping but the word on the street is the 40 percent of major bitcoin holders are pumping bitcoin then place shorts and take in double hence a drop …but I was thinking a 50% drop back around 10k but who knows and yes would love this link

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There you go
He isn’t alone in this view and whilst it could be higher…given the insane pump which has now got the public investing…it’s possible

I don’t believe that will happen,
We will see

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The faster things rocket…the harder the crash
We will see

I thought I would ask a quick question while the informative people are here. Noe I am new and i have asked alot of question and read plenty before I jumped in. Now why can’t safex become an exchange. Imagine the money generated and fees in exchanges. Would this not add to our end of yr Stakings as well. Then we would be the master of all puppets?

Playing devil’s advocate here…if said prediction occurs your average exchange is going to get WRECKED. So even if that were the plan, better to offer that solution after the Carnage has cleared

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Im sure they can develop our own exchange, though I believe the importance is solely focused on the market place

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Thanks that too makes sense @daveyboy

Yeah i see but is an exchange not a marketplace and a huge one at that?

But i do see what u r saying thanks for the replies

Just for clarity…I have no dog in this fight.
I suppose logically speaking even my investments will flourish if Bitcoin continues to ascend. However when you are at work and it becomes the topic of conversation you know it’s hit the public in a big way.
The dumb money is entering
I own Civic, Maidsafe, exchanged most of my Ripple for Maidsafe and of course safex.
Yeah… not going so well on that front…
Hopefully at least one of them bucks the trend!

A fully functional trading exchange needs speed. Very fast databases. A blockchain market place cannot provide that, wrong technology.

The kind of exchange that the market place can provide is a gumtree style of coin buying (minute to days) and selling but not trading (sub-second).

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Thanks rob

Maybe rob , maybe not, depends if some revolutionary upgrade comes out or not that no ones thought about yet. I think it would maybe be ok for trading, i buy to hold so minor fluctuations wouldn’t bother me, might take a minute, everyone would just have to know it’s not instant, if that’s the case or not I dunno cause I reckon it could get faster, anyway I would use such a thing if it existed.

II guess ts super hard to predict a crash, since the dynamic of this market is totally different to anything which has been seen… its hard to compare it with anything else. I think the worry is that bitcoin will be added to the nasdaq so traders can bet against its fall. The other crashes, like the .com and gold crashes, all took place in a trading domain where all the stocks were all in the same realm of currency. What is so different here, is that it isnt just new currencies being added and traded but a completely different realm of currency being invested in… a year ago the crypto market cap was at 20 billion and now its at 600 billion… So thats a massive shift into cryptocurrenicies… So when i see that, im seeing this huge momentum gaining which is sucking the volume out of the fiat container and filling up the crypto container… And that every industry in this new space is funneling it in. The change is so quick and the momentum so strong, that for individuals, companies, goverments, there is the fear that if you dont get onboard, then the value of the fiat currency may plummet to nothing eventually. Its a pretty volotile market right now, but i dont think the whole cryptocurrency market will crash just from the nasdaq… To many people signing up.

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Well we can only go on what has been thought about.:wink:

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All the trading experts agree that there is a market correction coming for Bitcoin.

How much of a correction is all speculation. Personally I think Bitcoin will drop back between $12 - $15k which is what the analysts predicted earlier in the year for the price of Bitcoin to be in Jan 2018.

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