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Would anybody know if there are plans for a Safex companion app to work with the Ledger Nano S?

When I first started to invest in Safex not too long ago I was reading about the dangers of storing cryptocurrencies on exchanges that could be infiltrated and stolen by hackers. Some investors advocated “hot wallets” while others advocated “cold wallets” as the only truly secure way to protect the coins.

So I purchased a Ledger Nano S about six weeks ago which has not yet arrived. I’ve since downloaded and installed the latest version of the Safex Wallet on my desktop which is holding all of my Safex coins. I apologize if my question has already been asked, but I was wondering if I was correct to purchase the Ledger Nano S to use as my Safex Wallet for cold storage where I would also be able to receive dividends once the Chille marketplace is operational?

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Hi @jcasale,

unfortunately Nano Ledger S is currently not usable since you could potentially store your coins in your bitcoin wallet on the Leder, but there is no way to access them, unless you extract the private keys (seed) and use the safex wallet or omni to send them, which is basically less secure.

If you just want to store them forever - well …

Chillie coins should be issued anyways as far as i know.
But at that point we dont know enough yet.

Thank you JohnX!

I was hoping maybe there could be a way where I could store my Safex safely on the Ledger Nano S, and then at anytime I could somehow sync with my desktop Safex Wallet via the USB port to instantly receive the Chille dividends. Then disconnect so that my Ledger Nano S is offline safe from hackers and only periodically reconnect to receive dividends at the intended time.

Well, depending on the marketcap and marketplace turnover, everything is possible.
If i would be hosting the hw-wallet, i would ask for 10M Safex for internal testing :smiley:

Let’s see, i am confident that it will lead somewhere and with adoption Nano Ledger will come.

From all the marketplaces i see, this one has the capabilities to attract the group of “Pro Users” who can make the massadoption happen.

BitBay and Sys call themselves “decentralised” markets, but apply their own rules, which is basically obeying law and thus it is “Amazon on a blockchain” but not marketplace on steroids.

My 2 cents - well - somehow i missed the topic :smiley: