Have written down private key, how to restore?

Hey. I need help.
I had an old Safex wallet on an old laptop. I wanted to start a new one and migrate to a new wallet, but it turned out that the disk was burned.
I have a new disk and only the saved private key card I do not have this file. He asks me to get the key from the computer saved in the file. As I wrote, I have only written on a piece of paper and not in the form of a file. I do not know what to do? How can this new wallet be opened in my situation?
Thank you Tomek


Hi Tomek,

This is a great situation to be in, I am glad that you wrote down the private key:

You could watch this video and it will show you how to restore your wallet where you only have the private key:

Feel free to reply here if you have any further questions.



Good video, thanks