Haven't received my coin on my Safex wallet

Hi I’m new to the forum but I have been a Safex holder for a couple of months, yesterday I sent one coin from Cryptopia as a test before I send the rest of my coins and my balance shows zero, can anyone advise me do I have to have a bitcoin in my wallet for the transaction to show Safex, any information would be very helpful thank you

You should check with cryptopia on this matter, also you do not need to have Bitcoins on the address to receive safex, only to send at this time.

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If you go to withdrawals on Cryptopia please check the status of your transfer. Let us know what it says. If it says something like processing or pending then their automatic system didn’t work. It is no problem, you just contact them and they process it manually. Happened to me before, they sort it very quickly

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Thank you dandabek and znffal for your time, I’ve just checked my Safex wallet and I have been credited, it seems there was a delay from Cryptopia, ready now to send the rest of my coins over and to buy more, thank you to both of you.

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Seeing the transaction come through now, says pending. Thank you!

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I sent my coin from bittrex to safex wallet but i didn’t get yet my coin in my wallet i also email to support but didn’t get any rply from safex support and in bittrex showing coin sending is completed so anyone can help on this matter

Me too bro :frowning:

I am having the same problem with all my Safex coins sent from Coinspot Exchange to new Safex wallet I downloaded today. No coins show up in the wallet…

Hope this helps…Apparently the fix to get the coins to show up in the wallet is to archive the sent to address in your wallet, then unarchive it. I did this and the wallet was refreshed showing the coins. I found this in another support chat on this site:

@NateUSA if the Safex Wallet v0.0.3 is already installed on your PC, all you need do is download and run the setup.exe file for the v0.0.5 wallet and it will automatically install and update your v0.0.3 to v0.0.5. If you’ve already installed the Safex Wallet v0.0.5, then open the wallet and try this sequence: Click the ARCHIVE button, then click the HOME button. Or if your Public Key is displayed, then click TO ARCHIVE followed by TO HOME. Your Safex coins and balances should now be shown. Th…

I have the same issue. blockchain shows I received it but my wallet is 0