Help-Bought w/ Option 1 Video, Timer Locked, BTC Sent, No SAFEX

Hi I am new to SAFEX and really like the concept and team.

I tried to buy SAFEX 2 days ago. I downloaded the wallet v0.0.2 and followed the videos to buy my first SAFEX. I created a public private key (per video). I imported the private key and it brought in the public key correctly. I went through the process to buy using Option 1. Everything went smoothly until I got to the Send “x” BTC to “Public Address” page with timer.

For safety I wrote down the “Send to Public Address” provide by the software. For accuracy I copied and pasted that address and amount of BTC into my Exodus wallet to send. I checked the address and it was correct and then hit send. The required BTC left my Exodus wallet fine. All this in less then 5 minutes on the timer. Then the problem. The Wallet page where I got the “Sent to Address” from,with the timer, never showed the conformation of my send. I waited the 30 minutes on the timer. When it ran out i clicked the button to extend more time. This time the timer came up as just 15 min but the 15 min timer never moved forward it just sat there - locked at 15 min. I left the computer on, on that page, waiting for conformation, for several hours, but nothing ever come through. I followed the transaction with Blockcypher and the BTC went to the address provided but no corresponding SAFEX went to my account. I eventually closed it, not knowing what else to do, and hoped the process had worked and that the conformation pop-up on the page had just malfunctioned. I waited the 24 hours but unfortunately still no SAFEX in the wallet. Today still no SAFEX, 48 hours.

Finally, I checked my SAFEX public address on OmnExplorer and there are no coins. I also checked the public address provided to me by the wallet software for where I was supposed to send my BTC and the BTC’s are sitting there.

I am not sue why the process did not work (maybe operator error, maybe not) and would like help from the team on how to potentially fix the issue. I plan to buy more SAFEX but am now a little concerned.

Also, sent an email to “Contact Us” yesterday but I did not hear back yet so went this route today.

Regards, cbb

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Hello Centaur111,

Although you have not received your Safex Coins, it sounds like you have not necessarily lost your BTC since you have verification of the Public Address you sent them to and you’re able to confirm they were sent.

Daniel Dabek is the Chief Architect and CEO of Safex and hopefully he will be able to help you get your coins. Have you tried the DiscordApp? There are many Safex holders there who also may be able to assist you. Membership is by invitation. Mr. Dabek can send you the invitation.

Wish I could be more helpful.
Best Wishes!

jcasale, thanks for the response and advice. Yes please have Daniel send me the invite. Also as I am new to this type of community communication (little old school over here) I am not sure if it is better to continue on this thread or in a more one on one format. I have all the Public Address and transaction numbers that I can provide to Daniel to see if the transaction can be finished and get me those SAFEX coins:grinning:
Cheers, cbb

Hey @centaur111 sorry for the delay, all orders have been processed by now. Thanks for coming here and posting directly.

Dan Thanks! Sorry for being little impatient. My order came through fine as you said. Interesting experience posting when you are not used to it, makes one feel like part of the community. :sunglasses: Will keep up with the site progress and good luck.
Cheers, cbb

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I have had this same problem and no safex shown yet for 30,ooo after about 36 hours and my btc shown as being drawn out almost an hour after I processed the transaction

Mine did come though, so, “no worries” but did take 48hr+.
Cheers, cbb

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