Help . I have lost a lot of coins

I sent around 400,000 coins from my safex wallet to my bittrex account and they never showed up.

Any help would be appreciated.

There is no transaction history available in my safex wallet.

I had 5,660,000 and my wall now shows around 5,260,000.

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And they will not show up until after bittrex wallet maintenance is over. It is an automated maintenance so we have no way of knowing how long.

Check your transaction using and enter either the send to or sent from address and the transaction should appear in the explorer. Once it shows as confirmed and the maintenance is over then it should appear in your bittrex wallet or should be at least in the pending deposits

maybe someone can help me as well. I accidentally hit send twice trying to move to my bittrex wallet and it showed a negative amount in my wallet. both transfers have now been stuck in pending for almost 2 days now. I tried transferring twice the amount of safex back in to cover it and then a lot more bitcoin. Those transactions cleared but still stuck in pending and i cant send anything out. Please help.

here is address if this helps


I had the issue with bittrex doing wallet maintenance the entire weekend a month ago and i was scared something would happen to the 200,000 coins I had on there it took the entire weekend and then went live again i am not sure if it does that because of safex or bittrex let me know please how it goes.

Its actually maintenance on their omni-wallet node they run. Safex is currently using a omni-protocol token and bittrex do regular maintenance on their omni-protocol node so every omni token on bittrex is under wallet maintenance at the same time.

It has nothing to do with the safex wallet. safex wallet uses their own node and any issues with safex wallet is to do with safex wallet and their omni node. This is separate to bittrex and bittrex’s omni node.

I have a similar situation.

before the bittrex wallet maintenance happened, I did a test send of only 1000 safex to my mac safex wallet version 0.0.3

i sent the coins on 12/9 but neither the bittrex wallet nor the other wallet or even the transaction show up in the block explorer.

12/09/2017 SAFEX 1000.00000000 Completed
Address: 1FHubCqXvyafMDW8JxdkDLoioSW5BwzNoq
TxId: 0ba5b6cdb1541a61e04b9cd0a5173054f982593bc462e66f47a2d11cf8c8ba14

any thoughs?

Seeing as that transaction does not exist and nor does the address show any transactions I would say you need to contact bittrex and report the error as the transaction has not occurred. Its a bittrex problem and nothing to do with the receiving wallet. Remember wallets only hold the keys to the address and so has nothing to do with the address receiving the coins. The coins live on the blockchain remember not in a wallet.

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yep. thanks for your response… bittrex is just about the worst for actually getting back to anybody… so the weeks will just drag on and maybe one day i’ll see those 1000 safex again.