Help me to transfer safex :(

Hi, I’m all new to this…

I have safex coins in bittrex and going to withdraw into safex wallet.

and I just tested 500 coins to safex wallet but it doesn’t show anything and say synchronisation error.

my problem is bittrex will delisted safex tomorrow which is 15th and I don’t want to withdraw all my safex coins

unless I test it to make sure…

If I would like to withdraw my coins from bittrex to safex wallet by tomorrow, would it be okay…?

Isn’t my coins just gonna be disappear???

and how long would my safex to come into safex wallet??

help me :slight_smile:


Dandabek posted this earlier:

The 500 coins will probably show up once the wallet is up again.

After its delisted you have 14 days to make your transfers :slight_smile:

It will take maybe 15-30 minutes depending on blocks found on Bitcoin Blockchain :slight_smile:

No, not unless you put in the wrong wallet adress :slight_smile:

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thank you so much Bredell!!

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