HELP Pending TOKENS in wallet

Hi guys,
I have a problem with my wallet (Orbiter Wallet v2.0.0).
I see I have stuck there Safex cash and safex tokens.
Both the icons have also ‘loading…’ next to them.

If i try to send my token towards a new address it shows an error saying something like:“errore, unlock tokens first”
Do you know why and what can i do?

Ideally, you read forum content and stay up-to-date with information. The inability of the Orbiter wallet to sync with topblock after the v7 hardfork has been stated several times in forum posts.

For coins that were in the Orbiter wallet prior to the hardfork, the wallet should still be able to send a tx. But it won’t see txs after the hardfork or update totals.

Once the TWM wallet releases, then you simply restore your wallet address via seed/keys and they’ll show up in your balance.

The alternative is to use the cli wallet, but the TWM wallet is only days away imo.