Help Please Urgent!

Anyone plz help what this means when I search tx id its showing like this sent address is of trade satoshi how to get back my safex I sent its three weeks not processed thank you!!

Not sure if I’ve understood your question but there are 7409 SAFEX at the Address shown on your screenshot. Did you check this transaction on ( won’t show Omni assets like SAFEX, only your BTC.)

Thanks for reply its showing safex on omni explorer over 3000 confirmations but trade satoshi exchange not showing my balance its 3 weeks when I deposite and didn’t get it till now before they telling they are in maintainance now they are not replying!
tx id :- 8584bfd33d70948309d50097fb5bf149f6982ea18ca6ff1fdd651a8eccf6ceaf
deposite add:- 12VKPEXt5Mp9whnm5TFar9fWsLxUzdgRps
Please let me know if there is any other issue coins are not stuck in between please check Thanks alot.

I contacted them and the issue get resolved they forgot to approve deposite thats why its not showing now I got my balance cheers !!