HELP - SafeX coin from coinspot

Hi guys,

I am trying to migrate my coin to my wallet but somehow my wallet keeps saying loading as the picture below. Does anyone have the same problem?

Btw, how do you guys claim the safex cash?

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The Loading… bits are simply pricefeed, which isnt working right now.

Your “Safex…” address works to receive both SFT and SFX.

If getting from Coinspot, then the one address is all you need give them. When Coinspot completed the migration of the old coins they held, they would’ve received both the replacement SFT and correct airdrop of SFX for their coins.

It is up to them to distribute the new coinage from within their bags.

If you still hold old BTC/Omni coins in an old desktop wallet, then THE MIGRATION PERIOD IS NOW OVER


Thanks, I haven’t really been following and I may be asking a stupid question. I also have substantial bag of safex coins on the coinspot exchange. So coinspot has received the new SFT and SFX. So should I be able to receiving SFT or SFX off them?

Correct. As per my message higher up this thread.

Although right now, Orbiter wallet isn’t syncing to top block because of the recent hardfork for launch of the marketplace.

The new TWMwallet, which replaces it, and has staking and marketplace functions, is due out this week.

So I’d recommend you wait for it to drop, then grab it, install it, generate a Safex Blockchain address, then contact Coinspot Support and provide them with your new wallet address.