Help with migration error

Hi There, Up to Step 4/4 for the migration using the v7 wallet.

I have 0.00034 btc but I keep getting this error on step 4:

error getting UTXOs Error: Transaction has no inputs


error broadcasting transaction Error: Transaction has no inputs

Should I start the process again?

The issue is insufficient BTC to cover the txn. 34k sats is less than most recent txn costs, and if the BTC you have in there is made up of lots of small pieces of different BTC, then it will cause an even higher txn fee.

Add another 150k sats of BTC to finish the migration process, then you can remove any remaining BTC afterwards.

ok, i’ll try that then.

I just realised step 4/4 is setting second half, not the burn… so I’ve updated the BTC figure you need to add.

hey, thanks for that. Yes, the amount just was a fair bit more then when the instruction video was made but all good. Do you know how long it takes for the coins to appear in the new address? I read something about a script needing to run by the admins?

Dan needs to run his Migration Script against your burn… at that time, you’ll get the SFT and SFX into your address.

He last ran the script on 13 July, and has been doing it about every 3 weeks recently.

As yet, he hasn’t announced when he will next be running it, but it gets announced on his twitter, and I’ll try and make sure it gets mentioned here in the forum also.

thank you.

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27 July