How do I import my new safex wallet after migration

hi I followed all the steps of the migration and was successful and saved all my keys and files it asked me to, but now I don’t understand how to log into my new account with the saved keys and info they gave me from the migration

This video will help you. We’ve made some slight changes to the wallet UI since the release of this video, but the underlying function to import your keys into the new wallet remain the same.

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when I open the wallet I don’t have the same options as shown in this wallet, there is no option to recover wallet. the only options on my screen are log in, or import, I’ve chosen import but putting my saved keys into the info required doesn’t work

Ah you’ll need the new Safex Cash/Token Wallet - codename Orbiter.

You can download it here:

We’re updating our website to reflect the new wallet update.

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Great thanks a lot! now I have it but my computer won’t open it because as soon as it opens my antivirus protection says there is a virus deleted called trojan.mac.generic6511 and the safex wallet window just go blank

This is a false positive. We’ve submitted copies of the software to AV companies to review the codebase.

Unfortunately some crypto viruses use similar aspects of the open-source software (harmless) our wallet uses - so as soon as these AV’s detect even a small % of similar code they’ll be over protective.

You’ll need to whitelist the installation file.

I followed all the steps in the video and when I click recover there is no file name filled in. I tried over and over and get this message. : failed to parse address
I sure hope I did not loose my 100,000 Safex. When I watched the video with Danial Debek,
it did not say anything about having to download another safex cash wallet. This is so stressful, I now show nothing in the wallet that had the 100.000 safex.

Ok now it shows the migrated balance and safex cash coins. Whew! I thought I did something wrong. I still don’t know how to add the new address to my wallet. I tried the keys and it did not work.

It would be helpful to outline which wallet you are referring to when indicating you have a problem.

I downloaded the safex wallet and did the migration. I just don’t know how to put the new wallet address in that has my converted coins. I tried following the steps to use the private keys with the safex cash wallet but it did not work.

This link may help, just in case you misunderstood what you were doing.

I suggest you read the linked doc and try importing again with the v2 wallet.

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I followed the steps to recover wallet with keys and it currently does not work or me. The prompt at 3:45 in the video pops up for a brief second and then the Orbiter screen goes black. I tried a few times with the same outcome every time. Any suggestions? This is the Safex Orbiter Cash Wallet “Recover Wallet with Keys” process.

What OS you using?

Also, over the last couple of days, there been some time when the node the wallet connects to was offline, so if you were just unlucky, you may have struck that window when the wallet couldn’t connect to the node.

I’m using a Mac. I was thinking I was unlucky too and thinking it is was something that was offline. I’ll keep trying. Had no luck today so far either.

Just tried right now. No luck. Eventually someone from the SAFEX dev team will see this and fix the issue.

There are issues with using Orbiter on Mac… some Macs anyway, particularly older ones, but also some reports on newer ones too.

So… you can go with using the cli interface, or just wait for the new wallet to be released, which should address it

I still have the issue. I guess I’ll wait for the new wallet to be released as this one does not work for me at all. And yes, I have an older Mac.

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Unfortunately orbiter has an issue on old Macs. You’ll need to either use a different PC or wait for the TWM wallet release, which should have improved backwards compatibility for old Macs. :crossed_fingers: