How to delete no longer needed

The poster who wrote Cryptopia pulled a dirty trick (frucheche) doesn’t even know who John McFee is, this should tell us a lot about the people who stirred up the turd bowl!!! I knew the omni core was having an update.

all we need is a little patience

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Please stop opening useless threads


First thread I ever opened so haven’t been opening useless threads, furthermore, if everyone had patients we would be here today so for me telling everyone the person who started the thread Cryotopia pulled a dirty trick is a joker sturring up trouble and if you read what a spokesperson from Cryotopia said in the thread: :facepunch: Hopefully Cryptopia will also take notice here and keep us in the Exchange: :ok_hand: Excuse me for trying :roll_eyes:
SAFEX deliting
2 days ago OMNI updated their codebase, this is a mandatory release so wallets needed to be placed in maintenance while it was updated and resynced.

Since then the SAFEX community have launched an attack on Cryptopia stating that we have placed the coin in maintenance just to manipulate the price.

We froze the markets in response but this just resulted in the SAFEX community doubling down their accusations.

As a result, we have now decided to delist SAFEX due to the behavior of the community in general.

Once the coin has fully synced (at block 394077) as of this post, the wallet will be re-enabled and you will be able to withdraw.

We apologize of any inconvenience but we have a strict policy against behavior like this and will stamp it out immediately in a hope we can clean up Crypto in general.

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Too much to read… Just don’t open useless threads, ok?

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Maybe you should read it then considering it’s what the representative said from Cryptopia and if they read this then is not useless are you 12 years old or something. :roll_eyes:

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Ok, i read it. Nice article, keep up with good work, son.


No problem my boy :point_left:

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This site needs a moderator bad. The team need to nominate moderators on this forum otherwise its gonna die with senseless crap like this thread. Nelson, Jesus, S4fex, Rob might be a few that need to stand up. Im sure there are some others worthy i have missed.

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Yeah, we neeed moderators badly. There is atleast 20+ threads created about the same topics. It doesnt seem like people actually look through previous threads to get an answer to their questions. F.ex the Cryptopia-threads do not have an ending… keeps popping up, same with Bittrex and boy, dont get me started on the wallet questions and the “i sent here to here and didnt get any” bla bla bla… hopeless!

I posted in the support thread, hoping someone from Safex may take notice. For example, the team are trying to say sorry to Cryptopia (even though i technically don’t agree) and the thread bagging em out is still going. Yes i guilty but the “Pulled a dirty trick” thread should have been gone.

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Good lad! Let’s hope that Dan and the team will name some moderators!

Agreed moderation is needed. I’m doing my best to point those in the right direction and reduce the spam and answer questions when necessary but someone needs some sort of privileges to do the cleaning up. The thread regarding cryptopia pulling a dirty trick definitely needs to be removed.

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I agree, this forum does need moderators! Urgently!

And yeah… reading some of the attempts to appease Crytopia are looikng like down right grovelling.

I heard on a YouTude video today the perfect analogy to describe the coin market and Exchanges etc as being in the wild west days at the moment. It will pan out and unwritten standards will come into play.


@Jesus u r doing great mate


Maybe you should read it then considering it’s what the representative said from Cryptopia in the thread Cryptopia pulled a dirty trick that clearly slapped them in the face Got their attention didn’t it and this thread got yours make this thread not senseless, nobody has pointed their response out in the thread that does need to be removed. So do something about it vxcalais remove the thread Cryptopia pulled a dirty trick :poop: Then this thread will become senseless and should be removed :grimacing:

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But it doesn’t need to be proved any more in regards to what was said, there is no room for dwelling on the past the fact of the matter is we have no exchange as a result of comments and accusations made by a very small portion of this community or day traders. That is why it should be removed, out of sight out of mind as it’s time to move forward not backwards.


yeah alot of threads needs to be deleted all together so there is only 1 of each and not 10. Also, the community is growing like mad wich means more and more people (very uneducated aswell) have questions and panics for a 1% change in price and feel the need to have it explained by “everybody” etc.

@dandabek please aknowledge us! :smiley:


OK. I have never used or traded on Cryptopia and i even supported them when the Bittrex stuff hit the fan. I supported them along the lines of them being close to us (Aussies) and would be great for a smaller mob to pick up all the potential members and benefit. I did not agree with their carry on and dropping the coin all because of the reason they gave. You can see what i have written. I also need to step back and see the bigger picture and support the flow of this community with gritted teeth and its not fair i keep pushing my opinions considering i am only new to it. This needs to be a professional forum considering some people have invested a lot in it. The Safex team are the ones with most to loose and its not fair we sabotage it for them.

Useless… Who cares if somebody doesn’t know somebody.

You have missed the whole point REMOVE THE THREAD Cryptopia pulled a dirty trick this is what they clearly used in there decision making to remove SAFEX from there exchange. :roll_eyes: The longer the moderators allow it to be on the forum the longer the community continues to slap them in the face. The post is insulting and this clearly needs to be pointed out or it would have been done already. :ok_hand:

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