How to exchange SFT and SFX for BTC

Hi guys,

I’m using wallet V0.0.7. I believe i have done the migration last november. In the Migrate section of my wallet I see Migrated Balance 10’000. In the migration table i see a safex address and 10’000 SFT and 23.283 SFX.

How can i trade these coins for BTC ?


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Download the Orbiter wallet, import your new Blockchain address.

Then you can send to Coindeal, Livecoin or Xcalibra.

Send your SFT first, as you need SFX for the txn fee. If you send your SFX first, your SFT will be stuck in your wallet until you load some SFX again.


Ill buy them if you dont want to pay the fees to send to exchange.

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ok, installed Orbiter wallet, imported my keys into it, i see my coins.
Opened an account on Coindeal, when I want to deposit SFT in COindeal, it gives me an address, fine, but they also say:
“Important:use this Payment ID / MEMO / Destination Tag:

If you will not use this Payment ID / MEMO / Destination Tag number, you need to report it deposit to our Support team. Afterwards it will take 30 days to be posted to your Coindeal account.”

Can I enter this Paymnet id anywhere when sending from Orbiter ? does not look like.

sorry, you can ignore my previous question, found the payment id field by clicking on the gear icon

thanks a lot for your help

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