How to manage a wallet with multiple owners?

I would like to have a company managed SafeX wallet. There would be multiple “owners” of this wallet. Meaning there must be multiple users that can buy, sell, transfer, and stake with one wallet. Additionally, the ownership must be able to be revoked and transferrable. Ideally, other non-owners should have access to view the balance and transactions from that wallet.

Are they any best practices for managing multiple owners? Any suggestions on how to implement a secure multi-user wallet.


That’s far beyond my technical knowledge and understanding.

I don’t think any current Safex Wallet has the capacity to do what you describe. The subaddress aspect of the wallet could go some way to achieving multiple users on the one Wallet, just like an exchange wallet, where we each have a different deposit address, but in such cases, each subaddress is still only managed centrally. We don’t have any control over our deposit subaddress on exchanges.

I’m not sure subaddresses can do everything the master address can (like staking), nor am I sure about the revoking and transferring aspects. My gut says not possible, but I could be entirely wrong.

Thanks for reviewing. I understand the limitations. My first thought was to manage a virtual machine with the wallet installed. And then control access to that VM. What are your thoughts?


What would stop one of the approved wallet users accessing the PKs and simply restoring on a different PC? Once they’ve been given access, there’s no real way to revoke the access, if they have the PKs.

So you could stop them from accessing the VM, but that wouldn’t stop them, if they’ve saved the PKs when they did have access.

(Just throwing out ideas here… there may be some sort of multisig setup that fixes that, but I’m not aware of it.)