How to move Safex coins?

How can I move SEC coins? Previously I have used but today it freezes with a message “Loading…”. I have tried Chrome and Firefox browsers - the same result :frowning:
Waiting for support from omniwallet and wondering if we have other options?
I have found something called “Desktop Wallet Omni Core” here
but not sure if it is worth trying because have little HDD free space (~10Gb) on my Laptop.

Thank you for any advice.

For that you will need to download the full Bitcoin blockchain.

I think it could be that your google chrome browser is not up to date. That is my one suspicion.

At this time is pretty much the only way. I know of another way to do this, by providing a lite client; however, it is not implemented yet and I am waiting for our acquisition of talents in full stack developer so that they can gather the experience working on that with me. I know it doesnt solve your problem right now, just a heads up though for the future.

Summary: try to updating google chrome browser if that doesn’t work try another computer. Omniwallet is working A OK for me.