How to save OFFLINE my private keys?

Hello, i want to save my private keys offline in the new v.7 wallet ,i am not sure if all i have to do is to unplug the ethernet wire / or to close my wifi connection before i click - new address and -back up my safex keys then i save them in 3 usb sticks before i start the internet connection again.
Am i doing this right ? is there any danger ? Do i have to save my keys offline just to be sure nobody won’t be able to stole them ? Any help or suggestions please !!!


Athan, I would print out two or more copies as well (while still offline) and keep the printed copies and your USBs in different secure places.


Everything sensitive takes place on the wallet; so no sensitive data is sent out of the wallet.

Turning off internet will help protect in case you already have a trojan; however at that point if the trojan is aware of your wallet then sure; although it is still unlikely to penetrate the wallet application and steal your keys.

As stated you can write them down; (be careful with that); you can print them out