How to solo mine Safex Cash [RandomSFX Algorithm]

How to solo mine Safex Cash - RandomSFX Algorithm Edition
With the switch to the RandomSFX mining algorithm, Safex Cash is now easier and more profitable than ever before for everyday miners to get involved.

Whilst i won’t get into the raw details about the RandomSFX algorithm in this article, we have some useful content to help you get more familiar with it here and here.


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Have any mining binaries for pools or solo mining been created yet? Many people will not be creating their own binaries and you will have more miners if the binaries are created and available through github

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We will have pre-compiled binaries generated and uploaded to Github as soon as possible. Right now the development team are focusing on getting the remaining functions built for the marketplace.

If you have the time, it’s a useful and rewarding exercise to learn how to self-compile your own mining software. Many in the community who are complete computer novices have done so and really took full advantage of the new algorithm mining opportunity.

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Just don’t have the spare time/resources to do it for a little while.

I’m looking forward to mining again once the binaries are available.