i am trying to get my btc to my wallet but

do i need the 0.7 or the new wallet to migrate? i am in the last hours!

you should use the v8 to migrate: safex.io/downloads

the second link You have around 12 hours to get it together.

Oeps, i used the 0.0.7 method, and everything went through, i do have my target address… am i in trouble? i just downloaded the v8, but am unsure how to proceed

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If you have already used the v7, then share your old address and I’ll look at the block explorer to check txns

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the old address was 16zPDGKk5Emwxm8XxZNHb3J8wT1DvqpUbm

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Assuming this unconfirmed txn is your burn, then you are good. That will give you a Set Set Burn txn pattern.

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ok, so install the new wallet, and create a new one? or can it import?

I take that back… check of Omni shows the 8 confirmation txn is your burn, meaning you rushed the process.

Have you just withdrawn the remaining BTC? What is the unconfirmed txn pending?

I just looked… incoming BTC.

Maybe the first btc i tried to send, it took too long so i did one extra on high speed

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You will need to Reset

Then complete steps 1-4 again.

But this time, don’t rush into step 4.

Allow the previous transaction to get 3 confirmations before you trigger step 4

If you can’t interpret the block explorer, then wait 90 minutes btwn steps 3&4

That is fine… it still works. And if you follow what I’ve said and leave the time gap after step 3, it will be all okay.

do the reset there ? because it says safex 0 pending safex 0 … is that safe?

Yes. The red reset button

And then say OK at the warning.

Then click I UNDERSTAND at step 1
Select Previous (middle option) at step 2
The. Set first half at Step 3 … then STOP :stop_sign:

i did reset, aswered ok, and it returns to the same screen.


Yep. Hit the migrate button bottom left corner.