I bought Safex throught the website 2 weeks ago but not appeared in wallet


i bought some SAFEX coins 20th Dec from the website, and still nothing on my wallet.

the transaction ID : ea4f086d18d265a56f75516b8565008400e200458dd4f8f4d7aea14c798e063b
the address that the website said to send to: 127fzyhRTGcUuAi2gaNuGnXvzRnqjaoXs9
and my safex wallet address :12t8h52CYzTj5A8ShNpmsvKA5o1KbkbWph

Please could Dan to take look at this urgently, I have sent a ticket a few days ago but no reply…

Kind regards Melanie

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Hi Melanie,

A good way to let Dan Dabek know that you need his attention would be to send a reply @dandabek.

When you initially registered there was an option to enable “discobot” which can help teach you about some helpful tricks.

That’s :sparkles: emojitastic! :sparkles:

Sometimes you might want to get a person’s attention, even if you aren’t replying to them directly. Type @ then complete their user name to mention them.

Can you mention @discobot in your reply?

Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@meldog so sorry about that, your safex are now placed