I can't withdraw SFT from safex cash orbiter wallet

When I try to withdraw my SFT I get this message.

Couldn’t commit transaction: transaction <> was rejected by daemon with status: Failed. Reason: invalid input

I’d like to know why I can’t withdraw my SFT and why I get this message?

I also have pending SFT in the safex cash orbiter wallet and I’d like to know why they’re pending?

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Orbiter is an outdated wallet and no longer supported. Your coins are still good though. Download the v1 wallet from safex.market

Once downloaded, the best way to restore is from your seed phrase.

If you have any issues, check here: Support FAQ - Please Read THIS before Posting a Question

I hope you are sending them to a friend and not the exchange :slight_smile:


Do you have SFX for the tx fee?

(Plus use twmwallet, per the above reply)


yes, I do have SFX in my safex orbiter wallet

I’m not sure what you mean sending them to a friend and not to an exchange?

I installed the TWM wallet. Do I need to transfer all my SFT from safex orbiter wallet to the TWM wallet?

You use Restore from Seed. Click on the link @ihsoyiKiyoshi shared, and it will lead you to a walkthrough.

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I downloaded the TWM and I have all my SFT in that wallet. I’m trying to withdraw my SFT but I get an error message. Error when trying to commit token transaction

What could be the problem?

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Maybe just a Mixin issue… have you tried lowering tx mixin?

If you use a high mixin, the wallet needs to find other recent tx one-time signatures with similarly sized outputs. So if it can’t find them, it can’t form the tx to the requested obfuscation (mixin) level… and will throw an error.

More info on mixins: What is Mixin?

If all else fails, and you have sufficient SFX for txs fee, then a mixin of 1 will normally work.


Withdrawing to an exchange means you are looking to sell them…big mistake! :slight_smile:

Sending to a friend means you are spreading the love!