I want to open a walet

I just want to download a wallet where how do I do it as I’m going round in circles trying iv coins on a exchange um want to put um save , and may be get some chilli, ta

you can do it all on www.safex.io

download the desktop wallet, install it, then click on “get” in the websiteand choose the amount you want.

if you have any other doubt, search the forum as there are several posts regarding the process

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I thank you young man been on that many safex sites n not one says that thank you

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you are welcome!

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Hello I tried to contact Safex team thru email the Safex site, was returned, so I am here asking for an answer. I tried to download the Wallet on my windows 7 PC , AVG alerted that it has Malware in it. Need guidance. Do not want to download it if it is infected. I have downloaded Exodus and other wallets with no issues. and still no AVG alert . thnx

they submitted the wallet for aproval on avast, avg and etc, but still didn’t get response, once it happens, avg won’t freak out again! you can install it without a problem, it is not infected! Others had the same warning from anti-virus but it’s just because of this one thing that is still missing


Ok Great … But is there a specific Time frame that AVG will approve? I will wait … Thank you… I don’t wanna miss out on Chille :wink: Thank you for the quick response!

By the end of the month hopefully.

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Thank you!

I am just concerned since I got a lot of Safex and not sure where to store it? Is there another wallet I can store it in? Right now it is just sitting on an exchange.

Does anyone know if its necessary to store your safex in their wallet to be eligible for the Chille conversion and/or dividends?

yes it is. You have to keep it in your safe exchange wallet

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