I would like to buy SAFEX

I would like to buy SAFEX.
Who want to buy ?

I would also like to buy and I will buy in a few months when we’re back on an exchange.

Until then patience.

Guys…Our own safex market AUAG 250 sats per trusted bitcointalk seller

And what if I won’t join tellegram. I’m not giving them my phone#

Then you can negotiate a trade within the discord channel using the trading sub-channel :slight_smile:

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will take 190 sat or best offer, Got 26000 safex

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I can sell safex - check out the details i wrote on my new website


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I visited your website, I am from Seattle region also. Good luck with your ventures!

contact me on telegram @crcone

At what price? Ready to sell 41004.17458065 ! They lie on Bitrex. I’m waiting where to get out. Bitrex on the purse Safeks does not start up for some reason.

add me on telegram

account @ crcone

Im willing to buy!

telegram account


I’m not in the telegraph.
write to me in the message

Max67 how do I go about buying some off you?

write in the message your offer

I only want the one coin. will give you $4


anyone want buy my safex? cryptopia back up so i can send safex. i have 70000 coin only pay 0.2 btc.

Did you get a reply

Are you selling