In case anybody missed it

The new website was supposed to fix the lack of fast predisposed contents for new people involved.
That’s great, I like the style, the content organisation… BUT.
A part from some trivial fixing work, there are things I don’t like.

When I discovered Safex 2 years ago I extremely liked the “full” anonimity feature and users partecipating in the development decisions/process.

In this last website iteration the concept of “real” anonimity is pretty much gone, a simple cryptonote fork alone, inside a marketplace enviroment, is not enough to ensure or more realistically stem possible people trying to de anon you. Not giving examples, i don’t want to dilute the meaning of this thread.

Once it was on the roadmap, now user governance is gone. Even how devs are acting is a strong signal of the shift in principles. Community was supposed to single between the chief architect proposals. A consultation at least…
Now we don’t even know how the marketplace will be designed.

I would like to address a question towards the community: Do you like this principles shift?


The whitepaper is needed now, the blue paper was released but there have been changes along the way, some we are aware of (block times) and some we speculate on - chief architect role and voting on the blockchain for instance. I’d like to know when the whitepaper is going to be released, which should cover these items.

Without the user governance, it does reduce part of the intrinsic value included in safex token.

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