In case of unviewable balances, August 19 Update

Hello folks,

This is a direct update in case your balance was not popping up, our server that deals with balances and transactions got knocked out. We’ve put in place a script to monitor that and ensure it’s always active.

Balances and transactions should be back up and running.

There are a few improvements we will be making to bring the best feeling to usage of the wallet. Generally great feedback so far.

The application auto refreshes each 5 minutes or so.

Safex Developers


Thank you for the update. Much appreciated feedback

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My wallet is not letting me send safex. Im not sure whats going on.

we’re aware of some cases coins can’t get sent easily the update is coming up asap

Thanks Dan.I appreciate the hard work man.

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If you need to urgently move your coins, use import them there.

okay cool thanks again.