Wallet address showing 0 balance after I sent 1000 Safex coins to it.

@dandabek , yesterday I installed the Mac OSX wallet and sent 1000 Safex coins from my Bittrex address to it.
Today I launched the wallet and the 1000 Safex are gone! all wallet addresses are showing 0 balance.

The coins are showing fine in the blockchain:

Anyone else experienced the same issue?

Hi, Yes I sent 2500 coins over yesterday and it took around an hour before they showed but today i’ve opened my wallet and there is nothing in. How would i check the blockchain? Sorry I’m new to this. Thanks

you can go to http://omnichest.info/ and search for any address included in your wallet.

Thanks. I just tried sending some more coins over but it seems that i can’t from bittrex. It says wallet is under maintenance so maybe they are fixing the problem now.

They are not gone. The wallet itself does not hold the coins, but rather the BTC address is where the coins are at. The wallet is there to let you view, send, and other functionality. But the wallet itself does not hold the coin so have no fear the coins will not be lost.

Obviously it is either a network problem where the wallet could not connect to the node which holds the information/copy of the blockchain. Or a bug in the wallet software.

I also have the same problem. After launching the wallet I found the amount of coins that I’ve got were missing in the wallet. I checked http://omnichest.info/ and found my transaction. I’m new to the world of bit and alt coins and I’m a little worried. So my question is. Will the amount be shown back in my wallet. How can I otherwise send coins from my wallet to the exchange.

Yes when all is fine/fixed. Your coins are on the block chain at an address and not in a wallet.

When omniwallet.org is back up it will also be possible to use their wallet to move your coins. If you were to use omniwallet’s wallet then you would need to import your private key to the address into omniwallet’s wallet

But omniwallet is down at the moment. Maybe co-incidence or maybe related

EDIT: see In case of unviewable balances, August 19 Update