iOS SAFEX Wallet... Coming Soon?


When is the :iphone: iOS SAFEX wallet coming? Anyone knows?


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I think the guys are just overloaded with the white paper and the chili dev. Still, I don’t think its that much of a hustle, prob would take a week as soon as some programmers get free. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t wait for the iOS wallet before the airdrop of chille , I didn’t and had to get a Mac , the only other option is windows and android for me but I didn’t trust them, not unless it’s a fresh system even then windows is shifty to me,
I suggest investing in a MacBook Air , a bit pricey but you will have a secure interface for wallets ,

If your serious about crypto
Invest in a secure interface

Would you still be entitled to chilli coins if your SafeX holding is in coinspot ?

Good question… Same thing for me but i dont think maybe someone from SAFEX can answer that. I think the whole point of SAFEX is to use the SAFEX Wallet.

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No, coinspot will be, since its their wallet that you are using, they are just landing you public key. If we are talking about dividend that is

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Great. Thanks for your help guys.

Has anyone had to wait over 8 hours for safex coins to transfer from tradesatoshi to the safex wallet? Usually it took me minutes prior, but this time it’s been about 8 hours and hasn’t shown up yet in the wallet. Has anyone had to wait this long for it to show up in their wallet?

Since the wallet is under maintenance, I’d say their node stopped updating and they need to resync it and your transaction did not go through and will go through after its no longer under maintenance.

Have a look at your history (withdrawals) and se if you have a txid or not.

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I need a wallet for my iPhone :frowning: I have no access to make a wallet on the site my desk top is not good enough, please make a wallet compatible for iPhone, so many iPhone users it only makes sense

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Im in the same boat, I would like to get a wallet for my android.