Is An Style Exchange Possible?

Normally you list a contract through SAFEx and people can buy your products, but is it also possible to have an Style Exchange?

That I let somebody:

  • Deposit bitcoins
  • Receive structured data (myCoin)? Please make it be possible to set a price in fiat or have the market decide the price.

Would it also be possible to just integrate SAFEx in your wallet, so that the transaction can take place in your wallet instead of having to visit SAFEx’s website? A great example is:

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Yes indeed, all of safex functionality will be available directly in a wallet module; anyone can add it to the website or other application… user’s experience will not be so much copy and paste, more point and click.

Those exchanges use slow style networks, we have an advantage since everything is in real-time.


I really enjoy using poloniex because of it informative graphics like the buy and sell wall visuals. Is this something you plan on incorporating into Safex?

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I was actually thinking about that today as well;

Something in the Foreign Currency Exchange trading world, we are also offered the open positions as well, something that poloniex does not publish


Funny enough this just appeared on the internet