Is SAFEX decentralized?

I’m sorry to ask this Daniel, but it is needed.

What if men with guns show up at your house and demand that you take down SAFEX, since you’ll be the one to have it on your account? How will SAFEX still be available our I’m missing something here?

Thanks for your hard work :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think that it would compromise my security protocol if I disclosed this.

In other words where am I? I would need my own house for men with guns to show up at.

It is simply some code for which to sell tea cups in exchange for Safecoin, or any SAFE Network crypto asset, no biggie and other projects out there building similar freedoms where people do have their own house, and no one with guns is showing up.

SAFEX has an item, a coin, and media for trade, and the thick of it is practically finished, sincerely.


hello where I can get more information from the SEC


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