[Issue] Safex Cash wallet triggering Avast/AVG


I just downloaded the SafexCashWallet… to my surprise, it contains a BitCoinMiner-DL…


Please clarify


Hi Fernando. Thank you for raising this.

We’re aware of both Avast and AVG AV softwares flagging the wallet as a false positive. I’ve submitted copies of the binary files to these AV companies to review and add an exception to their whitelist.

You can also see the status of our wallet software under different AV tools: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/374e4a3217c0ff3ef60c8b78f83c485f80e09b43472ba495a2ea4de889737e46/detection

We use open-sourced codebases for our wallet. Unfortunately, common miner viruses use or share some aspects of this codebase. This ends up getting legitimate software, like our wallet, banded under the same “category” when the AVs see this shared coding.

I can see from your screenshot that you’re familiar with software development, so please check out our Github repository and confirm for yourself if you have any further reservations.

Hopefully Avast and AVG will whitelist us very soon and we can avoid any further false flag situations.


Thanks, I will take a look.

You can close this

I will keep it open for now as a point of reference for future users.



Hi team,

Any update on this issue?

Thanks in advance