Issue with migrated tokens

I am having some troubles with the migration.

I successfully migrated to a Safex Address,

That address starts with Safex5z… and ends with 4n4n.

Of that address, I have stored (the file) it contains:
safex address (the one that ends with 4n4n
The public Spend Key
The secret Spend Key
The public View Key
The secret View Key

However if I go to the “Wallet” Tab I see only one “wallet” with 0 safex.

How can I import the wallet that actually contains the SFT and SFX?

There is something missing,

Thanks in advance


Do you have your private key from your purchase?

You can use at the bottom of the main “wallet” page


First, thanks for the quick response.

I do have the private key, but it shows 0

So I am a little bit confused about that. I am quite careful and I have all the keys stored in a password manager, including the file to store.
I have:
Private key. If I import it there, I get that screenshot

In the file I have
Safex Addres
Secret and public Spend Key
Secrete and public View Key

Thanks again


You’re talking about importing the newly created Safex Blockchain address, rather than the old Omni based Safex address.

Version 8 wallet will give you a live view of the new blockchain address - in version 7 it only gives you an overview of what you have migrated so far.


You need to click the migrate tab at the top !


What if my ups run out of energy and shut down my pc or if my internet connection is down during the migration process , is there any possibility of losing my coins because of these ?


I don’t have a clear answer.

But if you start the migration with a small amount it should mitigate the risk ?

And if that first small amount as been successfully migrated, should it not be faster and simpler for the rest to be migrated to the new address ?

(make sure you have enuff BTC for multiple transactions !)