Issue with new Wallet

hi Guys,

i updated to the new wallet today, i imported my wallet .dat file
wallet shows as syncyed but my balance is showing 0 safex.
even my old address is being shown in the wallet,
i checked the address on

showing i have the coins but nothing appearing in the wallet, plz help :frowning_face:

thank you

Click the TO ARCHIVE button followed by the TO HOME button.

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Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

I’m having the same problem with them not showing in 0.0.5 wallet.

Hello, i have issue with my wallet, i did not set up old wallet because each time i tried i got virus alert and error message. today i try with new version, the setup was successful but it ask me password i do not have any password i have only my address an private key since when i bought tokens at ico time. here is a screen shot, please help me

I’m having this same issue