Key trouble

please help I just bought some SEC and And noticed the address is different then the one I have the key for. I think somehow I may have printed from the Key Maker and not from the clipboard after I copied the key at the time of purchase. I entered the address from the transaction history in my bitcoin wallet and see that funds were sent to omni and are physically there, however that address is different than the one on the printout key that I have. When I enter the address from the key that I have it says 0 funds. I guess the stupid question is there any way to retrieve those funds somehow using the data from my wallet transactions? or anyway to recoup those funds.

Do you have the keys?

check your PMs

I do have a key but when I checked the address with the bit coin wallet i sent the funds from, I noticed the addresses that the payment was sent to is different then the address on the key set I printed from SEC.

dandabek what do you mean?

as long as you have your public and private keys, then youre safe. the addresses you see are just send and receive addresses. keep your public and private keys safe.

when I check the address that is paired with my key theres a 0 balance, and when I check the address from the wallet I sent the payment from, the one I potentially dont have a key for (unless the same key can be used with multiple addresses), I notice that the exact amount of bitcoin that I sent is at that address. Im worried that the key set I printed from SEC is not the same as the one I sent the payment to. Not sure how I managed such an epic mistake, so thank you in advance for any help, Just trying to explore every avenue of recovery before I punch myself in the face