Latest Safex Dev Update on youtube. 28th December 2017


After archiving the key with my coins and then returning it home, I was able to see my correct balance.

Would be good if u can edit original post as people with think its a fault with new wallet.


A lot of people on the Discord have reported the same bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Where can I join the Ctyrptopia issue discussion? Has it been posted yet?

Anyway, the future of SAFEX is looking great, proud to be a part of the project and the community.

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Maybe it just hasn’t been committed remotely, Dan probably wants to keep other competitors in the dark for as long as possible.

It’s possible because Dan has been working alone on the blockchain.

See this post for finding out who ripsafex is (a supposedly $50 investor trying to push the price down)


If Safex have managed to Scam us then they deserve our money for doing an excellent Job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How stupid are people…when you have someone as young as Dan who travels the world, puts his face out there, name out there, reputation out there. Yes things are slow, but no one can say he is not trying. Unless Dan is Putin, he would never get away with it. He’s just a go getter. Heck what law says that it is his responsibility to make everyone rich ??? All the crap the Devs have to put up with from the desperados…you wonder if its worth it. There is no such thing as a sure bet, so losers like ‘ripsafex’ need to f’ off !


Yup, what you said! If you’re in a hurry to move your small number of coins when Omni wallets are in maintenance all over the place and then chose the “slow” option lol…? :rofl: :joy:!!! …Well I’m generally a polite person so I’ll stick to that and keep what I’m really thinking about that guy to myself.

On a side note re. the NEXT Exchange ICO that Dan mentioned; I’m pleased to report that I did receive my NEXT tokens promptly into my Metamax wallet within a few hours of when I sent my ETH to them. The ICO closed on the 31st so I hope many of you were able to take advantage of that. Just a matter of time before this holiday train gets rolling again!

Happy New Crypto Year everyone!

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