Legal stuff

Can people trade illegal stuff totally anonymously on the safe exchange ?


I’ll buy those cherries for x coin. Then consider people know cherries are a lot lot cheaper then those “cherries”

So yes they can just by using alternative naming.

Now as to openly trading illegal stuff that is another question and I am thinking you were referring to this.

Some questions

  • is it illegal in the area the person resides. May things are legal in the USA that are not in other countries. And the other way around.
  • How does that get “policed”?
  • How much effect will the reviewers have on the listing
  • Can a listing be removed by say all the SEC holders voting to do so?
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The answer is we do not censor any content and also we can not directly censor any content.

Use of the exchange will be subject to your local jurisdiction. In California you can sell pot legally as a dispensary, in other nations or states that law is different. So, if you deliver out of California for instance you are licensed to sell in California that’s a federal offence I think, I am not a lawyer; yet if you wanted to consider safex for any kind of business consult with your own legal advisor of course.

That goes for anything. Selling music for instance I can’t see anything wrong with that unless you are infringing on copyright laws. So again if you’re making public trades and posting to the world about any illegalities law enforcement will be able to easily see and engage I guess, though I do not really know I am just speculating with logic.

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