Let's start building the best F.A.Q. page!

Hi, we would like to hear your input on building a F.A.Q. page (Frequently Asked Questions). What kind of questions and subjects are important according to you?

Here are some examples just to get started.

TWM wallet
What is TWM wallet?
How do I install TWM wallet?
How do I register for a merchant account?
How do I make an offer?
How do I buy an item?
Is my chat dialog encrypted?

Where do I save my .keys?
How can I make a strong password?
How can I recover my wallet?

What do I need to buy items?
How can I prove a transaction?

What is the minimum amount for staking?
How can I calculate my revenue?
How long does it take to unstake?

Why should I consider mining?
What do I need to start mining?

Why should I use Safex instead of centralized platforms like Amazon or eBay?
Do you have any Referral/Affiliate programs?

Safex team may review our suggestions and extract the most relevant to start with. Please also comment if you think some questions should not be included in the F.A.Q. page and why.

Some brief answers may link to an additional article or webpage… suggestions about that are welcome too.

Together we can build the best F.A.Q. page. Let’s hear it. Your input is appreciated.



F.A.Q. page, where do you suggest, here on the forum or a separate web page or on Safex.org for example, https://safex.io/ seems a little neglected

I suggest for safex.org close to the download page. Note that a faq page could also grow to become a well structured knowlegde base.

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https://safex.org for me too

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A lot of the questions I’m seeing are things that won’t be present in v1 but will be in later versions, such as how is price volatility handled, how can I trust a vendor will send a product, etc. There’s some good ideas in the early version to protect vendors and shoppers but people don’t understand (or forget) the development roadmap.

You put together a pretty good list so far and this will definitely be an ongoing project. I’ll work on putting some together.


More suggestions:

What is a Non-Fungible Token?
How can I buy/sell a NTF on the marketplace?