Live Marketing Q&A on Safex Discord - Friday 2nd August 2019

Official announcement that I will be hosting a Live Q&A on the Safex Discord this coming Friday at 6PM GMT (Click here for timezone converter).

The Q&A will be limited to future marketing and promotional plans, and general discussion of. This will not be a discussion focused on software progress or technicals of the marketplace.

Safex is now in a position to invest heavily in marketing and promoting what we have to offer to the world. As we gear up for the launch of the marketplace, we will ensure everybody in crypto and beyond is aware of the value proposition of Safex.

If you cannot make the live Q&A, there will be an audio recording of the event that will be uploaded to Youtube the following week.

You may reply to this post with questions that you would like answered if you are unable to attend. If you CAN attend, please feel free to raise them in the appropriate discussion room.

Here is the link to join Discord:


Q: How will you market the upcoming mining farm to entice people to purchase hashing power thru Safex and Balkaneum?


Hi. Thanks for doing this Q&A.

In the context of so little options to trade Safex Token and Safex Cash (making it difficult and sometimes impossible for buyers to buy Safex Cash to use on the marketplace and for sellers to sell the Safex Cash that they earned on the marketplace), how will you market the marketplace?

Thank you. I’m looking forward to the recording of this Q&A next week.

Hello @Rich.bate

I can’t make it to the Friday Q&A, but certainly will listen to the recording. Here are a few questions for your consideration:

  1. Will the market place be released prior to the marketing campaign? (it’s much easier to ‘sell’ a working product).
  2. What will the focus of the marketing campaign – (just) getting ‘the name Safex + marketplace’ out there, onboarding merchants & buyers or both?
  3. What will be the extend of the marketing campaign? Only via social media or physically visiting big e-commerce evens like listed here: or
  4. How big is the marketing team?
  5. How does the marketing team get the message across of being a more competitive alternative than Amazon, eBay or Alibaba (etc) and persuade current ebay, Amazon, etc users to move to the safex platform?
  6. Will you be using (and obviously paying) influencers on social media to promote the project? (E.g. Youtube:That Martini Guy, DataDash, Jimmy Song, etc. Twitter: EljaBoom, Mcafee, Privacymatters, etc), facebook campaigns, twitter, reddit, instagram, etc.
  7. What can we as a community add to the marketing campaign? How will this be coordinated?
  8. Will there be downloadable content for the community in various languages?
  9. Will the team target, besides Europe, USA and Australia, the South Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, South American, African markets as well?
  10. Will the team actively ‘apply’ for interviews with tech- and crypto biased websites, magazines, etc?
  11. Will there be marketing materials showing price/ profit comparisons of 1 product being offered on rival platforms versus the safex platform?
  12. Will livecoin, coindeal, xcalibra also be included in actively promoting SFX/SFT & market place?

1: Is the Experty partnership still existing?
2: Can you talk about some of the use-cases/implications of the SFT/SFX<->ERC20 bridge?
-Does that mean ERC20 tokens can migrate over to the Safex Blockchain?
3: Besides schilling on Twitter what else can the community do to help promote the market place?


What is the budget for marketing ?


Do you plan to include hashbringer in marketing and promotional plans from start or later when MP starts?

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What most customers on marketplace will wonder, how can I save money using this marketplace instead of other ones ? Sellers will wonder can I make more money using this marketplace ? Investors wonder will I make a good ROI ?

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Years from now, when blockchain and cryptocurrencies are everywhere and all of the nation’s of Earth are onboard with this new paradigm, and perhaps there are many anonymous decentralized marketplaces in operation, does Safex have a strategy how to stay ahead of the competition, or will that even be necessary? Other than e-commerce, will there be other applications where SFT or SFX can be used to increase their intrinsic value?

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Any time frame when you will upload the recording?

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I missed the live Q&A. Is there an uploaded version?

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I listened to the audio again today. There were a lot of good ideas discussed here. I really liked the idea of safex videos explaining Safex Cash, Safex Token for example.

But it’s been three months now. Does anyone know when any of it will be implemented? Was this cancelled or just delayed? Will there be marketing at some point?

Anyone ?

Every Monday you have development update posted here in forum and there is enough info related to your questions.

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Thank you @gale for taking the time to respond to my post. I have read the last four development updates:

18 November 2019
11 November 2019
4 November 2019
28 October 2019

While they are really interesting, I haven’t found anything there that relates to the marketing initiatives announced on 2 August 2019 in the above audio.

This is the reason why I posted my questions initially.

Can you direct me to the updates that you have found that are related to marketing? That would help me a lot.

Thank you.


Hello @Rich.bate and Balkaneum team.

It’s been 5 months since the Q&A regarding the marketing campaign and would like to know what has been done so far. The weekly updates mention little or none about the marketing efforts. Please provide an update.