Lost Safex wallet dat file

Hi all
I went to log into my wallet today and the safexwallet.dat is missing from my drive. I have tried everything but it is not on the computer. I have my wallet address and private key is there a way to retrieve my information. please help

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Login to your wallet and import your private key

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what is the extension for this key, yesterday everything was there now unsafex etc files are gone I have my written down keys, any idea what I can do from here TIA

If you wrote down your private key, you should be able to create a new wallet.dat file and edit the file to match your private key. once you’ve done that, you should be able to import it into the wallet application.

Fortunately, since you wrote down your private key, it is not lost :slight_smile:

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awesome, do I do this in notepad or wordpad or some other app, sorry not the sharpest tool in the shed with these things

Yes, although by default if you create a notepad file it will make it a .txt file. You have to rename it to a .dat file, which sometimes you have to change your view settings in order to see the full filename extension. Hopefully that will give you enough information to google the rest.

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thank you for your time

Let us know if you run into any other problems. Some crypto wallets are more difficult than others when it comes to importing unencrypted public keys, I have not yet tried to do so with the Safex wallet.


all good made a new key and got it all back whew… cheers


Is there any issues having the same key point to multiple wallets?

Are you asking if it’s ok to have the same private key in multiple wallets?

If so, I can’t see any issue with that apart from the more wallets it is in then the less secure it is.

Dear Safex team,

I have reinstalled my window and forgot to save .dat file. I had 16,441 coins in my previous wallet. is there any way to resolve this issue.


Only if you have your private key. If you don’t have the private key, and you lost your .dat file, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done.

EDIT: its kind of a long shot, but maybe try some file recovery program?

You have reinstalled your windows OS? Did you wipe all data from your HD (with a format or so?) If you did not erase all existing data, you can try to find the .dat file at the location where it previously was (where you installed it?).
Otherwise the only way is to import your private key into your new wallet. If you do not have your old private key, i’m affraid you’ve lost access to your coins.

Hi i have my safex wallet on december I send my safex from bittrex but in my wallet don’t appears my coinrs. In this moment I can see the transaction hash and there I can see my coins.
The hash is 386c794b7dca7e60462f354b46fb64c92a299fe5f3de7f1d959d66e6fc034c0a and the wallet address is correct. How can I do in order to have in my deskot wallet?

On the wallet application, put the key, you sent coins to, into archive and then go to archive and send it back. Coins should then be seen. Known bug

Thanks for your response but sorry Where can I find the Key actually in archive don’t allow me write nothing

Just archive the key in your desktop wallet and than unarchive

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The v6 is scheduled for release in 36 hours.

This issue of non displaying balances will be addressed;


Sorry to bother you but where can I Find it? I’m in my desktop wallet. I can see the address where I put my safex but no my key
Thanks for your help