Major use cases of Safex

I’ve been looking for a simple non-technical list of the things that Safex can enable, as it seems it could be quite versatile, but I may have a wrong idea of what it could be.

To help me (and hopefully others) get an understanding of what Safex could enable, can people chip in with example applications?

For example, could Safex be or enable:

  • a decentralised Cryptocurrency exchange (like Poloniex)
  • a decentralised ebay type thing
  • decentralised crypto-asset exchanges (bonds, shares, loans etc)

Are these the kinds of things that will be possible, or is this too broad?

What other end-use applications will be enabled through Safex, and will Safex have a single front end, or be an advanced back-end that can have multiple front-ends that can focus on specific applications?


Not broad enough from my understanding… youtube, ebay, poloniex… all on steroids with privacy, security, in-built economics etc;)


The main thing is that you own the wallet. Don’t have to deposit with any central party which I think is the risk. A group shouldn’t have to rely on a central exchanger to conduct trades collectively and I think that that is the greatest gain. It is that which leads us to a world that is secure, and our choice of sharing information is the privacy by which all people are empowered.

Since we will start with template instances, such as selling an item with a picture, a song, a movie, a cryptocurrency, the future is could look like mixtures of the templates in the form of unique applications. I think this is what translates to freedom where on a use case basis the modules of safex allow us to interact in commerce across safe network.

Whether forming an item, offering that item for trade across the exchange for simple non delivery trading for instance, or for sale in incremental quantities to be shipped directly, A lot of interesting sectors to look into and build out the use case flow for us and people interested in them.

Very thought provoking topic to which has a vast expanse to it. We’ve already started sprouting roots from or seed.


Can we get decentralized escrow on this platform? I know of no credible venue where I can list premium crypto domains.

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Yes that’s about 90% of safex ;D

edit: tell me more about the crypto domain names, how are they built?

Perfect. I was trying to work out transfer of ownership, but I realize now that all we are doing is cutting out the third party. I have a few exact-match, premium domain names–similar to the ones featured in this article–that I’d like to list at some point. Might be a little early yet, but I know firms will want them.